Terms & Conditions

UUPUU is a social bookmarking website and an open platform for users to post their links with content. We care about the content and information posted by our users and we strongly recommend you to read these terms before using our website.


By registration, you become a member of UUPUU. The information provided by you will be publically displayed on our website. You can make the profile private, but this will not hide few things which are required to be displayed as an Author of a post. We never sell our database or user’s information.

Use of information

We may use your information for several purposes like sending you the updates, notifications and account notices regarding your account and content posted by you.

Content we do not accept if it is:

  • Illegal
  • pornography & sexual content
  • Encourages violence
  • Spam
  • Link to affiliate programs, multi-level marketing schemes, sites/blogs repurposing existing stories (source hops), or off-topic content
  • Asking for a password or any other personal information from any users
  • Posted by bots/scripts/auto-generated content or any other related method/software

We will unpublish/delete such post without any prior notice.

Content & Information

UUPUU  is an open platform for all users, who can use it as a social bookmarking website. UUPUU is not responsible for the content and information posted and entered by users. The users will be responsible for any damages, disputes or lost, caused by the content or information added by him/her.

UUPUU cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that voluntarily entered by the users into our website.

Admin authority and rights

UUPUU can:

  • Unpublish/delete any post/content/information with/without prior notice
  • Hold/make limited/delete any user’s account with/without prior notice
  • Access user’s account and information added by the users
  • Share the post/content/information in UUPUU social media accounts
  • Display advertisements with the post/content/information
  • Change privacy policy, terms & conditions at any time without prior notice